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Insurance Claims Process
As soon as damage occurs, the policy holder can report it using the app. The advantage of this over the present manual process is that Policy Holders can report the damage more accurately. The car and all its part is already added to their account on the App.

They can choose which parts needs replacement or repair. They then additionally take a picture which is analysed by the Curacel AI system. The Insurer receives this Damage Report in Real Time and can start acting on it.
Image End-to-end integration with Client's software The claims platform is integrated seamlessly with our insurer’s existing software so there are no downtimes or missing records.
Image Policy review automation Policy is reviewed automatically by the App, using the Policy Holder’s plan and limits (if any). This is used to determine the extent of the Claim.
This eliminates the use of manual policy review which is time wasting, laborious and can be fraudulent.
Image Data Verification Automatically capture data such as Driver’s licence, vehicle licence, etc. Eliminates the use of the manual process and collects information in real time.
Uses AI to map information collected with information on Database.
Image Standardised parts/services pricing We have collected Data on every car part available and this is updated on a real-time basis. This eliminates over-billing which is where the most amount is lost in Claims.
Image Artificial Intelligence The platform is AI-powered, which means it learns how claims are traditionally treated and then makes it better. This helps to build reliability and automation for the whole claims process.
Image Automated Utilisation Report Utilization report can be automatically generated by the Insurer for the Policy Holder or for a Company.
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