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3 Benefits of SaaS in Insurance in 60 Words

Insurance companies can drive real business results using a SaaS solution. It has become an essential part of growing a business in the digital environment. It offers technological solutions that can enhance rapid access to data at any time. The following are some benefit of Saas: Saas enables innovation Saas improves customer satisfaction Saas offers rapid scalability Image: source

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Digital Transformation in The Insurance Industry in 60 Words

Technology is shaping how the insurance industry can compete using data as an advantage. This allows Insurers to better understand and serve their customers. With the right data, Insurers can increase the level of customer acquisition and engagement.  Digital solutions help create easier processes for the Insurance sector, enabling them to perform their jobs with speed, efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectively. Stay informed In 60 Words. Image: source

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Top-Insurtech-Startup-2020 | curacel.co

Third annual InsurTech100 list announces the tech companies transforming the global insurance industry

FinTech Global’s third annual InsurTech100 list announced Curacel as one of the 100 most innovative tech companies revolutionising the insurance industry in 2020. Henry Mascot, Curacel’s Co-Founder and CEO, said: “Proud moment for Curacel to be part of the #InsurTech100 by FinTech Global as one of the world’s most innovative InsurTech companies in 2020.” Curacel continues to deliver immense value for insurers in emerging markets spurred on by the sole mission of using technology to

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customer loyalty reward program  | curacel.co/blog

How Insurance Companies Can Leverage Loyalty Reward Programs To Retain and Engage Customers

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. – Harvard Business Review Take a minute to digest that. Now that you are done, let’s dive into why you, as an Insurer, should explore the idea of using loyalty programs to retain and keep your customers engaged. Why Customer Loyalty Program As an Insurance company, do you seek out repeat customers? If not, it might be time for you to consider adding

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health-maintenance-insurance | curacel.co

Why you should have health insurance and what to look out for

Have you ever considered an HMO plan for you and your family? In Nigeria, the awareness for health insurance is still at infancy.  A lot of people are uninformed; they don’t know why subscribing to health insurance is vital. This is so because they can just walk into any community pharmacy and clinic and get treated or buy drug off the counter.  Who are the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)? Health Maintenance organizations (HMO) are charged

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Insurance customer time-to-value | curacel.ai

Time to value: a better way to onboard and retain customers as an Insurer (Part 2)

This is a part 2 series of Time to Value, you can read Part 1 here. If you are a Health Insurance company or operate an HMO and would like to understand how our product at Curacel can help you deliver a better customer experience, email us. Now that we have those two out of the way, let’s dive into creating value for our customers (insert users if you like). While we might have agreed

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Insurance customer time-to-value | curacel.ai

Time to value: a better way to onboard and retain customers as an Insurer (Part 1)

There is a simple concept called ‘Time to Value” (TTV); the measure of the duration it takes your customer to start enjoying the value you are delivering. Time-to-Value is simply the amount of time it takes a user or customer to realize value from your product or service. TTV is the amount of time it takes from the moment a prospect starts to interact with you – sales process, website or app, to the moment

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The Importance of Being a Proactive Employee

You may have seen job descriptions that are looking for a ‘self-motivated’ person, or someone who is a real ‘go-getter’. While the latter isn’t the most professional term, both of these descriptors find their way into job descriptions. So what companies using this lingo really looking for? They want a proactive worker. Read on below for more reasons why people with this quality are in demand by employers. Proactive vs. Reactive To begin, let’s take

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How to work Remotely as an Extrovert

If you consider yourself an extrovert and you’ve been required to work remotely during quarantine, this abrupt change may feel like a challenge. However, it is possible to be productive and enjoy your new set up. Here are some tips to improve your capability and efficiency working from home. Get Social One of the things that can be the hardest for extroverts working remotely is the lack of connection and communication. To combat this, get

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How to Increase Work Productivity

If you’ve been working from home, chances are there are times that you feel unmotivated or unproductive. If you’re currently struggling with work productivity, we have some tips to help you! Manage Your Environment What is the environment in which you are working? Are you in a room with a little amount of light? Working in a space that is too warm? Find a room with good lighting, window access, and not in a busy

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