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Curacel for Health Insurance

Curacel is Africa’s #1 claims processing and fraud detection technology for healthcare businesses(insurers & providers) in Africa, whether local, pan-African or global. We help health insurers and providers fast-track their claims process efficiently using the latest innovations in software technology. For Health Insurers: We provide you with the technology to effectively collect your claims from your partner health providers and process them quickly, more efficiently and with better accuracy. For Providers/Hospitals: We provide you with

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Building AI for vetting medical insurance claims V1

Automated flagging of false medical insurance claims Background False claiming is a universal problem for all insurance companies, with health insurance dominants the market (Healthcare Fraud Abuse review). False claims could be resulted by human mistakes or intentional act which is called fraud. No matter what, it will cause a loss of insurance companies for paying what they should not pay. In Curacel’s database, using a sample dataset of 51,883 total claims, false claims composite

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Where are the Digital Insurance Platforms in Nigeria?

Late last year, I published a guide to the FinTech ecosystem in Nigeria with a snapshot of the most active players across key verticals. While I was preparing that guide, I could not find a pure digital first insurance platform to include and had to settle for the comparison and listing platforms. Some of the recurring questions I have been asked since then is “where are the digital insurance platforms and why aren’t startups building for the

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Nigeria: Why Hospitals Should Embrace Electronic Medical Records

The woman looked exhausted and kept fidgeting on her seat at the Gwarinpa District Hospital, Abuja. Each time nurses and attendants come out with a pile of folders to call names, she sat up with expectation, only to sit back in disappointment when her name was not mentioned. After a while, she dragged herself to one of the attendants and lamented that she has been sitting down for hours, and yet her name has not

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Starting 2017 strong

I started 2017 in a really good energy, from being very deliberate about what exactly I wanted to achieve this year and setting them down as goals and also aspiring to be much more than I am right now. 2017 is a year I’ll grow incredibly more than I have in any year in the past. And my growth this year really have started with me part of the Dubai 100 program. Dubai 100 is

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