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Nigeria: Why Hospitals Should Embrace Electronic Medical Records

The woman looked exhausted and kept fidgeting on her seat at the Gwarinpa District Hospital, Abuja. Each time nurses and attendants come out with a pile of folders to call names, she sat up with expectation, only to sit back in disappointment when her name was not mentioned. After a while, she dragged herself to one of the attendants and lamented that she has been sitting down for hours, and yet her name has not

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Starting 2017 strong

I started 2017 in a really good energy, from being very deliberate about what exactly I wanted to achieve this year and setting them down as goals and also aspiring to be much more than I am right now. 2017 is a year I’ll grow incredibly more than I have in any year in the past. And my growth this year really have started with me part of the Dubai 100 program. Dubai 100 is

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