Curacel Claims Automation
Seamlessly Collect and Process Claims with Speed.
Curacel Claims helps you automate the process
of Claims collection and vetting with
AI-powered rules engine.
Claims Processing remains one of the biggest pain points for Insurers in emerging markets. With the process mostly manual, and requiring a lot of human interaction, there are usually losses running into millions of dollars for insurers.

Fast and efficient claims processing which leads to quicker and more accurate settlement is the greatest driver of customer (providers, clients and policyholders) satisfaction across all insurance categories.

Curacel Claims makes it easy for insurers to automate the claims process for their Providers and policyholders while providing them with transparent claim status throughout the process and defeating automation-related increases in claims fraud.
  • For Providers and Policyholders, Curacel Claims Delivers:
  • checkmark-icon An easy-to-use claims submission platform
  • checkmark-icon Cost saving due to paperwork and claims handling
  • checkmark-icon Amazing customer experiences and support
  • checkmark-icon A transparent claim review process
  • For Insurers, Curacel Claims Delivers:
  • checkmark-icon Amazing customer experiences that contribute to improved retention
  • checkmark-icon Full automation of many types of claims
  • checkmark-icon Greater operational efficiency
  • checkmark-icon Confidence that claims will be flagged for human review as needed
Curacel Claims has Three Main Components
A Claims collection portal powered by AI claims decision engine and rules engine

Curacel Detection to analyse claims for potential fraud

Carries out automated adjudication of claims and flags suspicious claims for quality assurance
Fast and efficient claims processing
Curacel Claims achieves automated adjudication of claims in ~50% less time than it takes humans adjudicators. This means most insurers can quickly settle and pay out claims.