Curacel Fraud Detection
Detect and Curb Suspicious Claims Seamlessly and Accurately.
Curacel Detection outperforms in-house detection 12-fold.
Curacel Detection is a robust, AI-powered fraud detection solution. This SaaS-based solution helps to detect and curb potentially fraudulent insurance claims, out-performing in-house detection up to 12-fold and unlocking valuable earning potentials due to ~25% reduced payouts.

With Curacel Detection, Insurers are able to see a comprehensive result of vetted claims, with indicators to show flagged claims so it is easier for claims handlers to carry out quality assurance in a single, easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • checkmark-icon Use cases of health insurance suspicious claims
  • checkmark-icon Potential provider fraud
  • checkmark-icon Enrollee/Policyholder related potential fraud
  • checkmark-icon Likely internal fraud and other suspicious behaviors
  • checkmark-icon Identify trends of suspicious claims and activities
  • checkmark-icon Detect and curb fraud, waste and abuse use cases in claims
  • checkmark-icon Achieve cost-saving related to time and human resources spent on claims processing
  • checkmark-icon Improve claims processing turnaround time
How It Works
A robust AI claims decision engine with integrated Curacel fraud detection

Analyzes claims for potential fraud using logic, rules and AI

Carries out automated adjudication of claims and flags suspicious claims for quality assurance
Curacel takes a global view of insurance fraud
Curacel has analysed hundreds of thousands of insurance claims in emerging markets since its inception in 2017.
With this extensive dataset, Curacel clients get unmatched insight into the fraud use cases in their industry and are able to use this knowledge to beat fraud and unlock hidden value.