Health Insurance Solution
Optimize Your Health Insurance Claims Processing With Curacel
Optimizing Health Insurance Claims Processing & Fraud Detection with AI
We help Health Insurers seamlessly collect claims from their providers and prevent fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) in the claims process. From research, the Claims Process in the Health Insurance industry is where the most value is lost by Insurers.

The Process is mostly manual and is fraught with a lot of fraud, waste and abuse. Our solution, driven by AI, helps Health Insurance companies to curb wastage, save costs, become efficient and unlock hidden value.

Force Fraud Detection for Health

Force helps health insurers effectively identify potential fraud, waste, and abuse in the claims process. It’s an automated, AI-native, SaaS solution that works with your existing claims platforms.

  • Curacel Detection enables health insurers to:
  • checkmark-icon Detect and save costs from use cases of fraud, waste and abuse like polypharmacy, tariff padding, ghost enrollees, unbundling, upcoding and others.
  • checkmark-icon Reduce and save call centre costs by automatically managing Pre-Authorisation requests.
  • checkmark-icon Save time and costs by automatically vetting claims with our revolutionary and customisable Clinical Vetting Engine (CVE).
  • checkmark-icon Set up with your Underwriting and Operational rules.
  • checkmark-icon Run a very efficient Claims Department whose work is made easier by Curacel.

Curacel Claims Automation for Health

Curacel claims automation solution. It enables health insurers to settle and pay a greater number of high-volume, low-touch claims quickly and confidently.

  • Curacel Claims enable insurers to:
  • checkmark-icon Collect Claims from all your Providers easily.
  • checkmark-icon Start receiving claims immediately from about 400+ hospitals already using Curacel.
  • checkmark-icon Easily manage the Claims Vetting Process end-to-end.
  • checkmark-icon Seamlessly integrate with any Software you use in managing your HMO.
  • checkmark-icon Carry out Audit/Quality Assurance on the Vetted Claims.
  • checkmark-icon Send Payment Advice to your Providers.
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