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Optimize Your Travel Insurance Claims Processing With Curacel
Optimizing Travel Insurance Claims Processing & Fraud Detection with AI
Curacel’s solution infused with AI helps insurers to automate collection of travel claims and curb frauds in the Process.

With travel insurance very peculiar with policies that cover relatively short periods of time, both the insurer and the insured want claim settlement to be as quick and accurate as possible.

Curacel Fraud Detection for Travel

Travel insurers must pay meritorious claims quickly and efficiently while effectively detecting and investigating potential fraud.

That’s why Shift’s Force is an ideal solution, helping insurers investigate fraud suspicions quickly for faster settlement of valid claims.

  • Curacel claims enable Travel insurers to:
  • checkmark-icon Automate the process of collecting claims from the insured. As soon as an incidence occurs, the policyholder can report it using the app.
  • checkmark-icon Have their Policyholders report incidences immediately and more accurately.
  • checkmark-icon Seamlessly process claims and fast track settlement to policyholders.
  • checkmark-icon Detect and curb fraud, waste and abuse use cases in travel insurance claims.
  • checkmark-icon Achieve cost-saving related to time and human resources spent on claims processing.
  • checkmark-icon Identify trends of suspicious claims and activities.
  • checkmark-icon Improve claims processing turnaround time.

Curacel Claims Automation for Travel

ravel insurance claims are well-suited to automation. Curacel claims automation solution, automates and accelerates claims while detecting potential fraud.

  • Curacel Bridge enable Travel insurers to:
  • checkmark-icon Have end-to-end integration with Client’s software. The claims platform is integrated seamlessly with our insurer’s existing software so there are no downtimes or missing records.
  • checkmark-icon As such, the claim can be treated in real time.
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