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Changelog: An Easy Way To Upload Your Bulk Claims

May 26, 2021
Author: samson

What’s New?

As an HMO user, you are now able to create and list claim bulk uploads. What does this mean? No more wasting of time uploading claims one after the other when you can upload them in bulk.

It gets more interesting.

When you upload a bulk claim and hit the submit button, you do not have to wait around while it uploads. Go about your other daily routine while our system will process it in the background.

Once the upload is completed, you and the owner (provider) of the bulk claim will receive an email notification.

See the image below

Bulk Claim Upload

Also, when the status of an upload requires a review, you will see the ‘View Link’ to enable you as a user to see the upload and review it..

You can try it now. Upload a bulk claim here.

Wait. There’s more.

  • The bulk upload of tariff items will recognize the tariff codes when present. For instance, if there’s a ‘tariff with a code’ in the bulk upload document, you should see the exact code in the tariff table once the upload is completed. The keyword: the tariff code is present on the bulk tariff document.
  • The tariff vetting which happens after claim submission will now recognize the ‘timelined tariffs’ and ensure the correct prices are used. When you update the tariff of an item, you can also set an ‘effective date timeline’ (See the image below) so that any claim submitted with that tariff item within that timeline uses the correct updated price of that item.
Before Inserting a CODE
After inserting CODE
Initiating the TImelined Tariff through setting the ‘Effective From’

* The “Timelined Tariff” happens when you set an “effective from date” as shown in the image.

Nobody likes bug.

  • HMO: there was an error whereby when you update the professional fee on a tariff, it saves but does not close. You can now update your professional fee without any issue. Once you click save, the system functions as it should – excellently.

Do you want to set a professional fee now? Go ahead.