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Getting The Best From Team Collaboration

July 19, 2021
Author: jt

“Teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.” – Patrick LencioniIntroduction

What is team collaboration as stated, it is simply a collaboration between teams. Although to put it in a more constructive way, it can be defined as the effective communication and cooperation between teams to accomplish a set goal

Why team collaboration is important

One word is “innovation”. I often say no man is an island. In any sphere of life, you need help. As the common saying goes “there is no I in team”. Every human has a different way of processing thoughts, and this is where innovation comes in.

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For example, two teams (5 members each) in an organization collaborating to brainstorm ideas and solve issues will bring more innovative ideas than just one team of 5 members.

How to build a collaborative culture in a team

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Yes! 

Aside from the fact that you must cooperate, as mentioned in the first two paragraphs, Other skills can make the dream work. 

Firstly, Trust. Why is trust important? You cannot work with someone you do not trust. That is a fact. When teams build trust, they tend to work together better.

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On the other hand, effective communication is a skill. A project team in collaboration with a product team needs not just communication but effective communication to follow up on tasks, receive updates, review reports and discover innovative ways to solve problems that may arise. 

Finally, Tolerance. The ability to tolerate people is a life skill. Every person is from a different background, culture and this affects their way of thinking. The next question is, how best can you tolerate people? One word comes to mind, perspective

Being able to see a persons’ 9 when you see a 6 is perspective. I may say 2+2 equals 4, but 1 +3 also equals 4.

Seeing various perspectives will create room for tolerance. In addition, nobody is perfect; we can only strive towards it. 

To build a collaborative team culture, use the T²C² structure.

T²C² structure – Tolerance, Cooperation Communication, and Tolerance. 

Maximizing a better Revenue per Employee (RPE) using technology:

A fresh angle, when teams collaborate, more than one head is thinking – a whole new innovative strategy is coming up and this can boost productivity and revenue per employee (RPE). 

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Technology tools can also help your team to be more collaborative to drive innovation and be more productive.

Curacel claims automation can help employees produce their best. Your team can achieve more when tasks that can be automated are outsourced to an efficient system like Curacel’s claims automation and fraud detection products.

As an insurer, you understand how manually processing claims can reduce your employee productivity. It cost you more per employee.

Who does not like ease?

I for one I’m all about finding an easier way to get my work done and still get the best results delivering at the top. It is good to work hard but better to work smart.

That is why having a platform like Curacel will definitely create ease in your claims management – processing and settlement.

A platform that automates claims!

Curacel creates ease for you, you can focus on other things that need your attention. 

Talk to our Sales team ( to see how you can start using Curacel products and your team can become more innovative in delivering their best work – all the time.

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