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Meet A Curalyte: Fega Dakara, Provider Partnerships at Curacel

April 7, 2021

At Curacel, we’re on a mission to use technology to drive up insurance inclusion in emerging markets. To shed more light on that, only 3-5% of Africans have a health insurance cover. We have taken it upon ourselves to build solutions for enterprises and consumers to make a massive change in the insurance sector and drive up adoption.

Next up on the Meet-A-Curalyte Series, we have with us Fega Dakara – Lead, Provider Partnerships at Curacel. With such an amazing personality, transforming partnership at Curacel, she engages Providers by introducing new product offerings and ensuring they have a great experience with Curacel.

She describes herself as personable, ethical and visionary.

Let’s meet Fega!

Hello Fega! Lead, Provider Partnership! An interesting position, I must say. What is your day-to-day work like?

Hi. Thanks for having me.

I’m tasked with the responsibility of engaging Health providers for Curacel’s product offerings. The role involves validating, engaging with and proposing to these providers to commence using our products and services. I must add that apart from our Claims product, we have more exciting products in the pipeline for African Providers – talk about health, auto and more, that we plan to roll out later this year.

I also handle part of the Providers’ Onboarding Process, serving as a main point of contact between Providers and Curacel. One of the most important things during this process is getting them to confirm the agreed price lists they have with their Health Insurers. Additionally, I have multiple follow up meetings with these Providers, learning their needs, developing plans to meet them and working with the customer success team to resolve their issues.

Knowing how partnerships represent a major opportunity for businesses, does it ever get too intense being in your position?

It rarely ever gets overwhelming managing these partnerships because I’ve been able to create a balance as well as some structure while still maintaining versatility. However, as we work on more amazing products for these Providers, we will ramp up our engagements with them as well.

Tell us two vital skills that help you identify, research & understand which business to build a relationship with?

Communication skills. This cannot be overemphasized. We engage daily with these providers and our communication always has to be at its best to achieve the desired outcome.

Research skills – useful for validating products we have in mind for providers and vital to getting to know and understand their business and if they are an aligning path to pursue.

To maintain high energy, how do recharge? Yoga?

Meditation and a few other self-care practices help to keep me centred.

So far, what is your highlight working with Curacel?

Working remotely but still being as effective is something I am relishing. No more commuting troubles and Lagos traffic (laughs). Another highlight for me would be the team bonding exercise we recently had at our Q1 quarterly review and planning session.

What mantra(s) do you live by?

Finding purpose and happiness in the present (in the now).

In conclusion, I think it is safe to call you Curacel’s Chief Liaison Officer. How does that make you feel?

I mean, I do my bit to not only get the Health providers to come on board (the platform) and be fully aware of the terms of service but I go a few steps further by helping them simplify the process till we’re sure that we the platform (Curacel), they the Health care providers and our direct clients the Health insurers are on the same page.

Thank you for speaking to us, Fega.

Yes sure. Delighted to speak with you too.