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Meet A Curalyte: Omamuzo Samson, Marketing Lead At Curacel

July 23, 2021
Author: curaceladmin

At Curacel, we’re on a mission to use technology to drive up insurance inclusion in emerging markets. To shed more light on that, only 3-5% of Africans have health insurance cover. We have taken it upon ourselves to build solutions for enterprises and consumers to make a massive change in the insurance sector and drive up adoption.

Next up on the “Meet-A-Curalyte” series, we have with us Omamuzo Samson, Marketing Lead at Curacel. Samson works in the team responsible for identifying the company’s growth opportunities and managing its team efforts to fill these opportunity gaps through viable channels. 

Let’s meet Samson!

Welcome Samson – good to have you here

Thank you for having me.

What is the most interesting part for you about your role as the Lead, Marketing at Curacel?

Quite interesting!

Being a product marketer means you’ve got to work with a cross-functional team – from the customer success team, design, sales, partnerships to the business operation unit and product managers. And working with them means having a good knowledge of how your work affects theirs and how their success depends on what you do. 

After all, when the product is built, someone is meant to get the product to the right user and get the user to either sign up or ‘trial’ the product – that’s my job. 

Again, as a product marketer, working on a B2B SAAS product, you sometimes have to think in the reverse.

Give  us a  brief version of your professional journey with Curacel 

Interestingly, this month – July, makes it one year that I’ve been working at Curacel. I joined Curacel as an Associate Product Manager. At that time, I just transitioned fully into tech from running a media startup. 

When the startup journey didn’t pan out the way I envisage, I decided to go get a 9 – 5 and spend more years building a career, and what came naturally to me was building products. 

So, I joined Curacel to build the Auto Claims product.

I functioned in two capacities at this time – Quality Assurance Manager for Curacel Health Claims and an Associate Product Manager for the Auto Claims. 

Innocent, our Head of Innovation is handling the product now. 

Along the way, I felt we do not have our marketing structured out, and it is something I can do, so I took the jump – had a talk with our CEO – Henry Mascot, and was given a chance to build out the unit.

So, right now, I’m focused on just one thing – Product Marketing. 

Are you the popular “Samson from Curacel” we get emails from all the time?


Yes, I am the ‘Samson from Curacel’. 

That’s the only way to get our users to know there is good news from Curacel when they see my name.

Also, when you see Samson from Curacel, you are likely to see these things – a new feature, a new product or just something nice to help you use our product to get your job done effectively and efficiently. 

If you don’t get emails from me, please sign up for the Curacel Newsletter. I promise, I only share the good news. 

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Sometimes, you pose!

—> Read past newsletter <—

What do you think about Curacel’s presence on social networks?

For a B2B SAAS startup, playing in a ‘niche niche’ space of Insurtech, we are doing pretty well with our social presence. And I know we can do better. 

At the present, we are doing excellent. 

From our in-house content to how we break down industry reports from third parties so anyone in the insurance space can easily understand, we are doing well.

Have you seen how we tell stories with designs? See one here and tell me you’re already happy!

And there’s room for improvement. We are not sleeping. We are putting in the work. 

In a very short while, anyone that needs to understand insurance would have to be following us on all our channels – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Shout out to Precious, Morenike and Matthew for the success so far.

Discuss a setback you have overcome in the last 12months?


That setback would be defining my day-to-day job and knowing how to schedule my daily task as QA and Product Marketer. 

The challenge was navigating these roles, wearing a different cap every time I have to work on one and blending the caps when the three cross.

First thing first, I attended a Netflix SVP – Ajay Arora (Now at Disney). Even though the course has to do with monetization and subscription, I left there knowing how to prioritize my day to yield the best result possible. 

What sources of information do you find inspiration for your growth marketing activities?

I belong to about different Slack channels for product managers and marketers. I do a lot of medium reads and watch a lot of YouTube. 

But, mostly, I try not to bug myself with information overload. So, I get my information based on my needs at hand per time. 

For instance, we are launching a new product at Curacel – Curacel Advance. The first question is how do you launch a payment product? What collaterals, partnerships and channels are the best fit? And because I’m walking in a line that has been walked by someone ahead of me and succeeded, there’s no need to recreate the wheel.

I just do some search on these things and digest every bit of it and use what works at this time on our product. 

For context purposes – my sources of information – Hubspot, Medium, Slack channel groups, LinkedIn, YouTube, Marketing and Product Podcast (this is Product Management and Product Marketing Alliance).

Curacel-2021-Q2-review |
Curacel 2021 Q2 Review Team Hangout/Bonding/Famzing
Curacel 2021 Q2 Review Team Hangout
Curacel 2021 Q2 Review Team2 Hangout/Bonding/Famzing

How’s your work-from-home experience?

For me, work-from-home has been something I’ve always known to be possible. The question was when will someone see the light, jump on it and escalate it?

Curacel did. 

It’s been an interesting experience so far. And I’m not just talking about the crazy Lagos traffic I’m no longer a part of. For me, my usage of time has become more profitable. 

For instance, I love waking up early to get my important work done without any interruption like meetings. 

I spend more time with my family, as I’m more involved in their lives now.

I can schedule a time – one hour or two, to jump on a short course so I can do my work better. 

Yeah, WFH is 100% an excellent experience for me.  

Without long thought, pick a favourite A)Football   B)Movies   C) Games  D) Travel?


Thank you for speaking with us, Samson

Thank you for having me.

We hope you learnt a thing or two about Samson, our Marketing Lead. He is a part of the amazing Curalytes who ensure that Curacel remains the #1 Claims and Fraud Detection Platform in Africa.