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Meet A Curalyte: William Odiomonafe, Software Developer At Curacel

May 13, 2021
Author: curaceladmin

At Curacel, we’re on a mission to use technology to drive up insurance inclusion in emerging markets. To shed more light on that, only 3-5% of Africans have a health insurance cover. We have taken it upon ourselves to build solutions for enterprises and consumers to make a massive change in the insurance sector and drive up adoption.

Next up on the “Meet-A-Curalyte” series, we have with us William Odiomonafe, a software engineer at Curacel. William works in the engineering team – they call themselves the Avengers. Maybe this text from Nick Fury would give us an idea why they call themselves the Avengers:

Nick Fury : There was an idea, Stark knows this, called the Avengers Initiative. The idea was to bring together a group of of remarkable people to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to fight the battles that we never could.

The Avengers Idea

The engineering team are responsible for developing Curacel’s Fraud Detection and Claims automation products – more product launching soon.

In addition to the everyday firefighting working in a tech startup brings, William still finds a way to bring fun and laughter to the team. He is Curacel’s Social Prefect.

Let’s meet William!

Mr Willy – can we call you that?

Hahaha! Yes, why not? I mean, it’s still my name, right? Just with a sprinkle of fun now.

Give us a small window into what your full day as a developer at Curacel is like?

A typical day for me at Curacel involves engaging in stand-up sessions in the morning with the avengers of our Engineering department discussing and consulting on the previous day’s tasks and achievements.

This gives other team members (we call ourselves avengers) a sense of how our respective tasks are connected towards building our amazing product. Then I engage in the development/deployment of features for our clients and code reviews.

And lastly, we have review sessions where the avengers collaborate to assist each other resolve challenging technical issues.

An interesting fact states that “1 in every 3 developers wrote their first code before they ever finished high school”. Is this true for you?

Uhh, for me that’s not true. I fall within the opposite category. Laughs.

I knew very much about computers and could work on some basic and advanced computer applications before finishing high school. However, I had an opportunity to learn BASIC programming language and write my first code before finishing high school but I didn’t take the opportunity.

Would you say software development was self-taught for you?

Yes, it was self-taught. I think over 70% of developers were self-taught.

How is it like working with the rest of the team to deliver a product without conflict?

Actually, working on a team is no drive-up against a wall, considering Curacel consistently upholds a healthy team culture; this makes it easy for everyone to share their ideas on the team and collaborate effectively towards a common goal.

So basically we share ideas, listen and communicate with each other in order to understand requirements and assist to scale through blockers.

Let’s talk about your other fun role. As the ‘Social prefect’, how do you infuse fun into work with the team’s Remote work settings?

Smiles Uhhm, Yeah, I am naturally a person who loves moderation. As much as I’m serious about work and giving the best, I also balance that by creating a lighter mood/fun from it. This was evident in some of our standups and slack channel conversations.

Then, I was tasked with doing this in a more designated and generic role as the “Social prefect”, and my primary task was to organize and plan with other colleagues on how proceedings of this session should be conducted every other Friday in the month.

What are your core soft skills that in your opinion make your job better?

I’d say communication skill and the ability to never relent when faced with challenges.

With the fast pace around software development, how do you ensure to stay on top of trends in the industry?
Wow, this is a tough one I must say. Just as you’ve mentioned, software development is fast-paced and the range is wide.

Well, I research these trends and how they align with my current knowledge base and requirements to build stuff. Then I make a choice of what’s new that I need to learn and then I stay focused on it.

Great! To our last question. Let’s talk about tech and coffee. It is common knowledge that programmers enjoy coffee while coding, say like 2-6 cups of coffee per day. Is this you?

Naah, I’m not a coffee guy. I just ensure to take work breaks where necessary and have some quality night’s sleep.

Smiles Definitely a pleasure to have you with us on this episode.

Thank you for having me.

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